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Performing Arts Center in Bethlehem, PA

For 20+ years, Cheryl Chickey's All American Performing Arts Center has been providing dance, baton, and gymnastics instruction for children ages 2½ to adult. All instructors at the center have extensive experience in dance, baton, or gym. They also have choreographic backgrounds and are creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about teaching the proper dance, baton, and gymnastics technique for the best development of your child. Our center participates in many community service performances, competitions, parades, recitals, and special events around the world
Classes Offered in:
Ballet instructor helping girls perform  - dance in Bethlehem, PA
Creative Movement-Intro to dance-
2 1/2 - 3 yrs. old
Combo classes in ballet/tap/jazz or ballet/tap
Ballet instructor helping girls perform  - dance in Bethlehem, PA
Combo classes in ballet/tap/jazz or ballet/tap
Contemporary Dance  - dance in Bethlehem, PA
Portrait of young gymnasts competing in the stadium  - dance in Bethlehem, PA
Baton twirling athlete - dance in Bethlehem, PA
Majorette Tryouts Preparation and Baton Classes Novice-Advanced Levels (1, 2, & 3 baton)

Let the Center enhance your child's life by providing a proper combination of discipline and recreation in an atmosphere of caring and togetherness. Not only do we teach your child to learn the art of dance, baton, or gym, but we also help develop a positive self-image and true leadership qualities.